Dr. med. dent. Lutz Laurisch developed a caries risk test, which is based on the microbiological, highly selective detection of the caries-relevant germs Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacillus from plaque or saliva and was previously available from IvoclarVivadent under the name CRT® bacteria. However, IvoclarVivadent ceased production of this product at the end of 2018. From 2019, a successor product called “KariesScreenTest” – developed from a cooperation between Dr. Laurisch and AUROSAN will be available.

The healthy biofilm is in a homeostasis. However, this is endangered by nutritional and hygiene deficits. This can change the physiological biofilm. The supply of high and low molecular weight carbohydrates causes a selection advantage for acidogenic and cariogenic bacteria, which gradually displace the non-pathogenic bacteria in the physiological biofilm, since due to the increased acid production and the fallen pH value  they are not viable in the long term. This is how homeostasis slowly develops into dysbiosis and a correspondingly pathogenic biofilm.

This change in the biofilm or microbiome causes a change in the risk of caries. Clinically, however, there is always a longer period of time from the establishment of the pathogenic biofilm to the appearance of a visible change in the tooth structure (demineralization, cavitation). This delay between cause (dysbiosis) and effect (demineralization, cavitation) can be used for preventive measures. However, the prerequisite is to diagnose this change in the oral cavity in good time. The KariesScreenTest (formerly CRT® bacteria) is able to detect this change in the oral biotope early by determining the number of acid-tolerant cariogenic bacteria (Streptococcus mutans; lactobacilli). This creates the prerequisite for individual prophylactic measures before the teeth become diseased. The individual prophylactic measures to be carried out are therefore planned on the basis of an exact diagnosis – they are, so to speak, diagnosis-based (diagnosis-based individual prophylaxis (DIP) according to Prof. Dr. S. Zimmer) This brings us one step closer to the goal of further improving dental health in all age groups. Corresponding diagnostic therapy concepts are online on this landing page and facilitate the implementation of clinical and subclinical diagnostics in an overall therapeutic concept. The KariesScreenTest is available in packs of 10 dips.

The KariesScreenTest + P contains everything that is necessary to determine the subclinical risk parameters (secretion rate, saliva pH value, buffer capacity). The KariesScreenTest + P is a comprehensive diagnostic tool for determining bacteriological and functional risk parameters for 5 patients. The KariesScreenTest + P contains everything you need to implement a diagnosis-based individual prophylaxis (DIP). If you would like to order the caries screen test, please click on the packaging or use the direct online ordering option.

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