Early colonization of the child’s oral cavity increases the risk of caries and carries the risk of developing early childhood caries (ECC).

Risk of caries increases the earlier Streptococcus mutans is established in the child’s oral cavity. The KariesScreenTest points out this danger at an early stage and thus points to the indication for preventive measures to be taken early.

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The prevention of early colonization of the oral cavity with Streptococcus mutans has a long-term caries-preventive effect, which is reflected in less caries experience and less need for restoration.

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Early colonization of the child’s oral cavity with Streptococcus mutans leads to persistently high bacterial counts in the child and leads to an increased risk of caries and an increased caries prevalence. 
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Delayed or no early colonization of the oral cavity in children with Streptococcus mutans can still have an impact after 19 years (lower caries prevalence and less need for restoration). An early control of the bacterial count of Streptococcus mutans in the child’s oral cavity should therefore be part of a corresponding prevention strategy. Therefore, measures to prevent or delay early colonization by cariogenic germs should always be taken. 
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The simultaneous detection of yeasts increases the cariogenic potential of Streptococcus mutans in the biofilm.
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